Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine, Xiaomi launches 2 Your Mi Home

This day 14 February coincided feast Valentine then Valentine Day, vendor Xiaomi launched two smart household products (Mi Home) the latest generation. Through the account Mi Home in regulatory Weibo, Xiaomi party stated that the two products anyar is potentially represents the 60th and 61st Jubilee from the smart products produced by Xiaomi.

Concurrent with the announcement by the party Xiaomi, included also hint instructions then teaser pictures from your smart household. Visible if Xiaomi billed launched smart guitar and hour hands of GPS berkelengkapan. For the smart guitar seems to be the first released by Xiaomi.

Based on the info, smart guitar made in Xiaomi will allow users can play guitar only standard in 10 minutes, it seems quite impossible if using normal guitar. Unfortunately it is not yet clear what the features stuffed into the smart guitar, where potentially distinguish it with conventional guitar.

Through the existing teaser, hours smart hands for the children met the embryo is able to track the position of the wearer because the equipped GPS. Will be supplemented with simultaneous also Weather features that can provide weather information in real-time. Any hour billed supported features hold water or at least resistant to splashing water.


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