Monday, January 16, 2017

Founder of the company's Android Build New Type Smartphone

CALIFORNIA - One of the founders of the operating system Android, Andy Rubin, is reportedly building a new company. He also called working on several products including premium smartphone with a curved display with no bezel. According to Bloomberg, many details about the new company Rubin will announce his position as CEO of a company called Essential. The company is called to be working on a lot of devices, including mobile and smart home. The purpose of this company is to be a luxury competitor devices such as the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, and other flagship smartphones. Rubin plans to launch the smartphone in mid-2017 and was talking with Foxconn for the production. The company already has a prototype with a large screen that exceed 7. However, because the iPhone does not have a bezel, this device will be smaller than the popular Apple handset. The design of the smartphone is claimed to frame made of metal and ceramics in the back. Essential is also experimenting with features such as 3D Touch Apple that allows the smartphone to detect a wide range of touch on the screen. Even more interesting, this smartphone will also carry accessories for the camera 360. Rubin called've assembled a team of 40 people who are experienced in Apple and Alphabet. They had already obtained patents since December 2016.


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