Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine, Xiaomi launches 2 Your Mi Home

This day 14 February coincided feast Valentine then Valentine Day, vendor Xiaomi launched two smart household products (Mi Home) the latest generation. Through the account Mi Home in regulatory Weibo, Xiaomi party stated that the two products anyar is potentially represents the 60th and 61st Jubilee from the smart products produced by Xiaomi.

Concurrent with the announcement by the party Xiaomi, included also hint instructions then teaser pictures from your smart household. Visible if Xiaomi billed launched smart guitar and hour hands of GPS berkelengkapan. For the smart guitar seems to be the first released by Xiaomi.

Based on the info, smart guitar made in Xiaomi will allow users can play guitar only standard in 10 minutes, it seems quite impossible if using normal guitar. Unfortunately it is not yet clear what the features stuffed into the smart guitar, where potentially distinguish it with conventional guitar.

Through the existing teaser, hours smart hands for the children met the embryo is able to track the position of the wearer because the equipped GPS. Will be supplemented with simultaneous also Weather features that can provide weather information in real-time. Any hour billed supported features hold water or at least resistant to splashing water.

10 Smartphone Most Awaited In 2017

So for this time I will give information about the Smart Phone that most in the wait for the release of this year
to friends who want to buy a new smart phone mending friend wait yep, release

1. iPhone 8
Smart Phone drama by German Apple is always in the line of the smartphone most oppression. With the fan boy so great a plus with the image that has been built by the Apple, smart phone his work always attracted the attention of the public. But in 2017 later, there are at least some of the upgrade is expected by the user.

Some improvement is still limited to rumors. But there is good news that says that the iPhone 8 will later be equipped with AMOLED screen edge to edge, wireless charging and present without the home button physically. Other specifications are expected to attend in whom is the processor Apple A10/A11, RAM 4 GB, dual camera, fingerprint sensor, and the iOS operating system 11. If this is to be a reality, then iPhone 8 can be entered in the line of the best smart phone 2017.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S7 successful harvest many praise. Therefore it is not surprising if Samsung Galaxy S8 also entered in the line of the smartphone is the most awaited in 2017 later. According to rumors the successor of S7 series is expected to carry the screen QHD 5 inches, Snapdragon processor 835/Exynos 8895, RAM 6 GB, and some other improvements in both sides of the camera resolution, battery capacity and design.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may indeed failure is expensive to Samsung. But it would trigger the Samsung to make the successor in accordance with the expectations of the user. According to rumors, possibility Galaxy series Note 8 this will comes with a Super AMOLED screen 5.7 inch QHD, Snapdragon processor 835/Exynos 8890 and expected to carry out a RAM 6 GB. Camera sector of course will also have increased.

4. Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

since it was first launched series, Galaxy Edge indeed successful public attention with innovations that Deeper investigation into. Samsung Galaxy S7 series Edge that glide on 2016 also managed to obtain a positive response. The successor of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will probably back forward a positive response with the design that is not less interesting than its predecessor.

The specifications are presented also ensured higher as processor usage Snapdragon 835/Exynos 8895 and RAM 6 GB. On the side of the screen, Galaxy S8 Edge will also be present with landscape 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen with the resolution of the Quad HD.

5. LG G6

Birth of LG G5 is quite jerking public. Modular concept that they offer bring new wind in the smartphone industry. However, there are some reproach found. Through LG G6, of course LG will be presenting something much better again. Specification is expected from the smartphone will include Snapdragon Processor 835, RAM 4/6 GB, rear camera 16 MP, front camera 8 MP, internal memory 64 GB/128 GB and external memory support up to 256 GB.

6. Sony Xperia X2

Musicality smart phone drama by German Sony is more dims. But in 2017, likely Sony will return presents the successor of the smartphone flagship him that possibility will be given the name Sony Xperia X2. The same as smart phone flagship that reportedly present in 2017, Sony Xperia X2 likely also comes with a Snapdragon processor 835. The capacity of the RAM that carried on the possibility of still 4 GB with choice of the internal memory start 32 GB and external memory support.

Several other features that have become smart phone flagship identity as the fingerprint sensor may also be present on the smartphone. In addition, features, shockproof waterproof and dustproof also will be present in Sony Xperia X2. This specification can make Sony entered in the line of the best smart phone 2017.

7. HTC 11

As one of the major vendors in the universe smartphone, HTC would also will also liven up the smartphone industry with smart phone newest flagship. There is a possibility that the name of the remarks is HTC 11. Some specification is expected to present on the smartphone is in whom is the screen QHD 5.5 inch, Snapdragon Processor 835, RAM 4 GB/6 GB, rear camera 12 MP, front camera 8 MP, dual rear camera, fingerprint sensor, and features water resistant.

8. Xiaomi Mi6

if you are looking for smart phone flagship that more affordable, Xiaomi is brand suitable potentials being sought. The successor of Xiaomi Mi5 that will probably named Xiaomi Mi6 confirmed will be present with wonderful improvements that is not less with another vendor.

The possibility of the successor of Xiaomi Mi5 will present with Snapdragon Processor 835, RAM 6 GB/8 GB and Super AMOLED screen QHD. The side of the camera may also be increased as the use of dual camera back of 16 MP and 12 MP with the camera before 13 MP. Just as with the smart phone flagship generally, Xiaomi Mi6 will also comes with a fingerprint sensor.

9. OnePlus 4

OnePlus OnePlus is known as the original brand of bamboo curtain. But there is no doubt that his brand is enough credited in the smartphone industry. OnePlus 3 is one of the positive example of the quality that was presented by OnePlus. Based on the specifications OnePlus 3, OnePlus series 4 would also be present with a higher specification with a more elegant design. The possibility of smartphone will return comes with a metal material such as OnePlus 3. But in the sides of the processor, expected OnePlus 4 comes with a Snapdragon processor 835 and RAM 6 GB/8 GB.

On the side of the camera, improvements that might be presented is the rear camera 21 MP and front camera 8 MP. And in accordance with the trends in the smart phone flagship 2016, OnePlus 4 will also be supplied with the fingerprint sensor. With this specification, Oneplus will be able to compete to become one of the best smart phone 2017.

10. Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft may indeed not so popular. In 2016 itself is not many new smart phone that the issuance of a. But many circulate rumors that 2017 Microsoft will start to deliver new smart phone including for his flagship series.

According to rumors previously, smart phone will be given the name of the Microsoft Surface. But there is the possibility of Microsoft change the name smart phone something futile. This smart phone will be present with the specifications QHD AMOLED screen 5.5 inch, rear camera 21 MP and front camera 8 MP. Yet there is a certain information about the processor that will be used. But the possibility of smart phone is equipped with 4 GB RAM.

Now he 10 smartphone most awaited 2017. Whether one of them will be the best smart phone 2017? Do not forget to leave your opinion in the comment column yes!